We aim to be the advisor of choice to the social impact and investment sector. We bridge the worlds of social enterprise, commissioning and investment.

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Prevailing economic and development models are failing.

Social and environmental mission-driven businesses represent a fundamentally new way of organising markets and have the potential to eradicate some of society’s greatest challenges. However, the reality of these models has not kept pace with the promise.

The Change Coefficient was founded to facilitate the growth and effectiveness of the mission-led economy. We achieve this through the provision of technical advice, design innovation and capacity building to social enterprises, commissioners and investors.


• Corporate advisory • Business planning • Feasibility studies • Investment raising • Strategic advisory


• Research • Impact assessment • Product and programme design including SIBs and accelerators • Performance management


• Programme delivery including incubators and accelerators • Workshops • Coaching • Stakeholder engagement

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Social mission driven businesses face unique challenges balancing doing good with doing well. Our enterprise advisory support is designed to build your long term capacity to grow, raise and deploy capital in the pursuit of your unique social vision. We put your social organisational impact at the heart of everything we do.


Sarah Dimmelow Managing Director Core Assets Children’s Services

The Change Co-efficient engaged quickly with a large and complex funding project. They immediately grasped our organisational values and drivers, and worked collaboratively to a high standard to further project delivery. At times this required a keen awareness of resolving conflicting stakeholder priorities, and a need to ‘read the room’ quickly to be able to suggest appropriate strategies across a joint public and private sector initiative. The result was an improved commitment to shared aims and happily the project is about to be realised.


We help you maximise social return on investment and drive quality outcomes. Through the use of alternative funding mechanisms, the design of new commissioning approaches and the facilitation of creative new partnerships, we want to help you provide the highest quality service to all of your constituents.

Sera Hall Adult Social Services Norfolk County Council

The support that NCC received from Tej of the Change Coefficient was critical in shaping and completing our business case for the Life Chances Fund. We received expert strategic, financial and practical advice across the breadth of the project, which combined with the mentoring of key NCC staff resulted in a transformative proposal and an upskilled and confident staff base. We would absolutely use the Change Coefficient again and would recommend them to others who need to deliver high level projects with multiple and complex elements.


We work with enterprises pre- and post- investment to ensure they are ready to absorb capital in the most effective way possible. Our dual focus on the economic and social returns ensures efficient mission delivery. Our support is grounded in a deep rooted understanding of the operating realities faced by investees.

Bethan Buck National Housing Federation

The Change Coefficient were able to quickly understand our complex programme of work and the gap in expertise that needed filling – they supported us to develop a clear understanding of our ongoing business needs and where we needed to focus our attention. Their work was invaluable in enabling us to focus our thinking and understand what our new business needs to be.

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What makes us different

Global best practice

Social impact markets with a predominant outcome funder, like the UK, evolve very differently from markets with a more limited welfare state, such as India. In the UK the strength of the sector resides in the quality of the interventions and the evidence base whereas in India we see a far greater proliferation of innovative business models. Our experience across markets enables us to bring global best practice to every engagement.

creative pragmatism

Through our own social entrepreneurial endeavours we have learnt the importance of creative pragmatism. That is, the development of new ideas against a backdrop of the established practical constraints within any given system. While long-term system change is often the goal, it is not always possible as a means of addressing immediate need. It is this deeply rooted practical understanding of the way people and systems work that enables us to drive success in all of our engagements.

Credentialled consultants

At the Change Coefficient we seek to build your long term ability to deliver social impact, not to supplement your short term capacity. Unlike other consultancies who operate a pyramid structure, with senior advisors providing limited input, we only work with experienced consultants. Our network of highly credentialled advisors ensures you have access to the technical expertise you need, when you need it.

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Karen Dsouza – impact consultant

Karen is an impact and evaluation consultant. As an incubation associate and latterly monitoring and evaluation consultant for Unltd India, Karen worked with a diverse array of social enterprises. She was responsible for accountable and efficient collection, analysis and reporting of the impact of the organisation and its social entrepreneurs. As a coach she also worked directly with social entrepreneurs helping them build their theories of change and develop viable business models. Her previous roles include business development and strategy at UTV and Bank of America. Karen is passionate about the potential for social enterprises to drive sustainable social change and believes effective data collection and analysis can drive ever improving social outcomes.

Mark O’Donnell – investment consultant

Mark is a strategy and financing consultant. He has helped enterprises assess their funding needs, improve their business plan, research markets/competition, and audit & rebuild their financial models. Previously, Mark led the Media & Online equity research team at JP Morgan, spending 12 years researching and assessing the strategy, industries and valuation of publicly listed companies, and helping on many equity fund raisings, mergers and acquisitions. At FOXTEL (Australia’s largest pay TV provider), Mark worked in strategy and corporate development, during its transition from analogue to digital. He has implemented strategic initiatives in areas as diverse as marketing to engineering.


Rajiv Prakash – enterprise consultant

Rajiv Prakash is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur. He has developed, built and scaled successful businesses in eCommerce, retail technologies and outsourcing, business consulting and investment banking. As CEO of Futurebazaar.com Rajiv achieved a successful turnaround and grew it to a top 3 position in the Indian online retail league table over 2010-11. He worked closely with VCs including Sherpalo, Kleiner Perkins and Everstone. For the past three years Rajiv has worked with established start ups to help them scale. Rajiv has held leadership roles at Cisco, Arthur Andersen and KPMG and has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Tej Dhami – managing director

Tej is a finance and enterprise development expert with a career spanning investment banking, equity fund management and social enterprise incubation across developed and developing markets. She has funded, supported and built social enterprises in multiple geographies. Tej has helped organisations raise over £5m of capital through equity and debt. She successfully leverages her experience as an investor to help clients build strong investment cases and develop robust risk mitigation strategies. Tej is passionate about applying the principles of finance to build collaborative solutions to today’s most pressing problems.