What makes us different

Global best practice

Social impact markets with a predominant outcome funder, like the UK, evolve very differently from markets with a more limited welfare state, such as India. In the UK the strength of the sector resides in the quality of the interventions and the evidence base whereas in India we see a far greater proliferation of innovative business models. Our experience across markets enables us to bring global best practice to every engagement.

creative pragmatism

Through our own social entrepreneurial endeavours we have learnt the importance of creative pragmatism. That is, the development of new ideas against a backdrop of the established practical constraints within any given system. While long-term system change is often the goal, it is not always possible as a means of addressing immediate need. It is this deeply rooted practical understanding of the way people and systems work that enables us to drive success in all of our engagements.

Credentialled consultants

At the Change Coefficient we seek to build your long term ability to deliver social impact, not to supplement your short term capacity. Unlike other consultancies who operate a pyramid structure, with senior advisors providing limited input, we only work with experienced consultants. Our network of highly credentialled advisors ensures you have access to the technical expertise you need, when you need it.